Built Strong

Danny’s Construction Company has been built strong since our founding in 1970. We are proud of our history and the expertise and reputation that we have gained from years of successful projects and practices.

Our Story

Est. 1970

Our journey began in 1970 when our founder, Keiran “OB” O’Brien, saw an opportunity to bid on a local school project and was awarded a contract for structural steel erection. With only his reputation, OB needed to establish a company and hire someone he could trust. In honor of his son Dan who was undergoing heart problems, he named the company Danny’s Construction and hired his best friend Milton as his first employee.

In 1994 our company grew nationally when we opened two new division offices in Chicago and San Francisco, allowing us to better serve our customers. Danny’s Construction Company now specializes in structural and miscellaneous steel erection services. ?We have substantial experience in building bridges, sports and events facilities, hospital and medical facilities, as well as a variety of industrial and commercial structures. With this experience, we have built a reputation for surpassing rugged industry standards for quality, safety and productivity.

Having the resources available to take on projects regardless of size, location, complexity or demanding scheduling parameters, has allowed Danny’s Construction Company to continue to build strong landmark structures from beginning to end for nearly 50 years.

We invite you to browse our site for numerous examples of our work.

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout our company’s history, we have secured a reputation for quality, safety, and productivity. We are honored to have been recognized many times over the years by numerous reputable institutions.

Safety: CHASE (Construction Health and Safety Excellence)

  • 2017?– CHASE Level III
  • 2017?– CHASE Level II
  • 2016?– CHASE Level II
  • 2015?– CHASE Level II
  • 2014?– CHASE Level II

Safety: MN Safety Council

  • 2016?– Meritorious Achievement Award for Excellence in Injury Prevention Performance in Occupational Safety
  • 2015?– Meritorious Achievement Award for Excellence in Injury Prevention Performance in Occupational Safety

Subcontractor Safety Awards

  • 2016?– Ryan Companies Subcontractor Safety Award (MN)
  • 2009?– Ryan Companies Subcontractor Safety Award (IA)
  • 2014?– AISC Safety Merit Award
  • 2014?– AISC Safety Honor Award

ENR: Top Firms in Steel Erection

  • Consistently ranked among the top 20

Workforce Diversity & Equity

  • 2016?– Design Firm Inclusion Award for US Bank Stadium
  • 2009?– Workforce Diversity Award for Target Field

Women Owned Business Recognitions

Danny’s Construction Company, LLC is certified by the?Women’s Business Enterprise National Council?(WBENC) as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

NSBA Steel Bridge Competition

  • 2012?– Prize Bridge Award: Movable Span Category | BNSF Railway Burlington Bridge | 204.66 Vertical Lift Span
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